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Today was a emotional day for many of us In the United States. You see with the covid-19 and the Cornavirus killing hundreds, even thousands of people everyday. Today, many of us banded together to grieve (in our anger no less) for the life of Ahumad Arbery. Many of us walked ran or both for 2.23 miles representing the day he died. His killing was senseless, his killing was a crime of hate, his killing was one that is undoubtedly fueled by the institution and evil of racism. THIS STOPS NOW❗️

There needs to be more than a

Call for justice. Will there be justice❓ I am sad to say I DON’T KNOW. Why Don’t I know ❓I can not answer that as of yet, but what I do know, is we now live in a world where as a BLACK man you can be shot on the street exercising, you can be shot for upholding the law of the land to keep its people safe, you can travel to foreign land and DIE for a country that some of it’s so called citizens will NEVER see you as equal or even as a human being, and as we have seen in the past you can die in your own home❗️Why❓ Because of the color of your skin.

When I ran the 2.23 today when I got to the exact point I looked up and I was sheltered from the rain by a huge oak tree and I broke down. Here I was shielded from the rain and Auhmad Arbery had no one to protect and shield him. I cannot in good conscience sit back and let this go, next time it could be me, any of those that I hold dear, or again an innocent stranger. We were not created for this... I call upon YOU to be better, to take up the mantle of ACTIVISM to make the change.

There is no doubt that you will hear this quote by Edmund Burke

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men (people) to do NOTHING”


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