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Product review Kodiak Power Flap Jacks

So, one of the most asked questions I get is “what should I be eating for breakfast

?” I am glad that people are asking about regular consistent food intake so having said that, I came across ...🥁Kodiak cakes Power Flap Jacks

⬆️ protein

⬆️ fiber

➡️ carbohydrate

➡️ low fat


100% whole grains

So I figured I’d try... so here we go‼️


$4.84 (a little high but... for what your getting not bad)

Out of the box: (if you are not an out of the box food person sorry...) they are 4 inch pancakes with 3 to a serving with and touts a whopping ;14g of protein 30g of carbohydrates 4grams of fiber per serving and 6g of fat. With 4 servings to a box which you could in theory stretch advertise whole grains and non-GMO


I tried them with crunchy almond butter to complete having all 3 macros. I have to say, I was a little skeptical BUT they were surprisingly very tasty, not dry with a touch of sweetness but not a heavy sugar taste....🏾

Fill factor:

Not bad for the 30 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fiber I stayed satisfied but not the “ bloated bread feeling” for the duration of my meal timing...🏾


For me, as an exerciser with no known food allergies or restrictions I am pleased. I would recommend them although I will add that they are not vegan and do have wheat and nuts so may not be good for everyone.🏾

Final thoughts:

All in all, they are a good product to use if you are on the go and need something that takes a minute to make and is easy to fold and go as well as nutritionally sound.🏾

Check them out‼️ 

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